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Teeth Whitening Services: Your Option

Achieve that bright and healthy teeth! Oral health is one essential part of overall well-being that one should really look out for. And one critical decision is to let an expert help you do the job. Why?


In-Office bleaching may not be permanent, yet it produces faster and safer results. Moreover, a procedure done by a dental expert is most recommendable and effective to remove organic discolorations due to aging, eating foods (coffee, red wine, vegetables, fruits), and smoking.

When should you visit a dentist for teeth whitening services?


You can always visit your dentist whenever you feel like you need to have cleaned. Yet, you might want to take note some factors of when and when not to do teeth whitening since all medical procedures have limitations and considerations.


For instance, you cannot undergo teeth whitening if you have tooth and gum hypersensitivity, the stain in your teeth is deep, or the teeth become transparent.


What to expect before undergoing the actual teeth whitening procedure?

Initially, you should do your part by doing a regular cleaning such as brushing, flossing, and gargling with -mouthwash before going to the clinic.

In most cases, dentists would require you to gargle a certain cleaning solution to remove the remaining plaque and debris in the surfaces between your teeth.


You will then undergo a dental exam to detect other severe problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. This phase is necessarily performed by dentists to avoid irritation in the mouth while doing the bleaching. You can also expect your dentist to take photos of your teeth and measure the color for a shade guide.


As a recipient of care, you always have a say, yet make sure to compromise with the dentist’s suggestions. There are various options of teeth whitening including:


1. The use of hydrogen peroxide gels (15 percent)
This procedure only uses 15 percent gel which is applied to the teeth three times with a 20-minute interval. Upon application, dentists use a blue lighting system to illuminate the teeth to make sure every surface is reached by the gel. This involves the use of glycerin and water to avoid tooth dehydration.


2. The use of hydrogen peroxide gels (38 percent)
This procedure requires the use of gel but does not involve a blue light activator. The hydrogen peroxide gel contains a component which is a mix of potassium nitrate to reduce sensitivity and fluoride to reduce the risk of cavities.


3. The use of hydrogen peroxide gels (25 percent) and a chairside lamp to enhance the bleaching process.
The dentist applies the hydrogen peroxide gel three times with a 15-minute interval. After, a fluoride paste-gel is applied right away to reduce sensitivity.


When it comes to your health, don’t settle down with the less, but always go for the best. You deserve it after all. Therefore, you should work with a pro, and that means a dentist to whiten your teeth.


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