Greater Washington Dentistry's Safety Practices on the Covid-19


Beautiful Smiles

WHAT TO CONSIDER WHEN WHITENING YOUR TEETH By Dr. Shohreh Sharif – ELAN Magazine December 2019   Maintaining an attractive appearance is important to everyone.

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Oral Health

A WINDOW INTO YOUR OVERALL HEALTH By Dr. Shohreh Sharif – ELAN Magazine November 2019   Oral health is more relevant to sustaining one’s general

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Advice for Infant Tongue-tie

BREAK-THROUGH TECHNIQUE THAT CAN FACILITATE BREAST-FEEDING By John Byrd – ELAN Magazine   “When an infant has noticeable challenges with breast-feeding, it is essential to

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Teeth and Accidents

ADVICE TO MAKE THE BEST OF A BAD SITUATION By JohN ByrD – ELAN Magazine   “Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime,” says Dr. Shohreh Sharif,

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Laser Dentistry Revolution

PROCEDURES FASTER, MORE EFFICIENT AND PAINLESS by: John ByrD – ELAN Magazine   While laser dentistry has been offered by professionals for more than 15

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