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What To Expect With In-Office Teeth Whitening?

You can achieve that bright stunning smile you’ve always desired. Surely, there are in-home methods to do so. But, you can never go wrong when you let professionals handle it.

When you whiten your teeth using “do-it-yourself” procedures, you can’t be a hundred percent sure that the result is great. Also, it could go wrong and you could put your overall oral health at risk.

In-office teeth whitening doesn’t cost you much, especially if your concern is a safe treatment and healthy white teeth. You just need to find experienced and dedicated dentists near you.

So, what to expect when you get teeth whitening services in an office setting?

  1. Every dental treatment always starts with teeth and gum cleaning. This is done to remove food debris, bacteria, and tartar stuck in the spaces in the teeth. Thus, making the power of the bleaching agent more effective.
  2. After preparing your teeth, the dentist will apply and brush a whitening gel all over the exposed surface of your smile. You can expect a thorough process because the dentist would like to make sure that the result is flawless.
  3. The whitening solution shouldn’t touch your gums because it can cause irritation. Thus, expect the dentist to put a protective barrier over your gums before applying the gel.
  4. The dentist will leave the whitening solution for a certain amount of time, maybe for about fifteen minutes. It could also happen that he/she will apply the whitening gel three times. You can ask the dentist to use a specialized light to activate the solution such as laser or power bleaching.
  5. The dentist may suggest additional treatments so you can maintain your beautiful white teeth. You may be required to visit every few months since the whiteness may fade in the long run. Or you can find a dental home in the first place who can handle your lifetime dental care.
  6. The dentist may give you a take-home tooth whitening tray which is custom-made for your specific oral health needs. Then, he/she should give you clear instructions on how to use it properly.

The instruction should include how to apply the whitening gel and how to let the gel work. The tray may also include additional touch-up treatments in case stains may reappear.

  1. As for the result, you can’t expect to have the same result with other people. Yet, one thing is for sure, you can see an improvement in your smile immediately.

After your professional teeth whitening, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect taking care of your teeth at home. In fact, it should increase your motivation to maintain oral hygiene and minimize habits that can stain the teeth.
Some causes of teeth discoloration are smoking, and daily consumption of highly pigmented foods (i.e. black tea, red wine, soda, coffee, berries, tomato sauce, soy coffee).
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