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Why Does the Dentist Office Near Me Have to Offer Hospital Dentistry or General Anesthesia?


Oftentimes, some children may need general anesthesia for their operations because they feel discomfort when procedures are done. Furthermore, there may be dental operations that require the equipment and facilities that are available at hospitals. Hence, if your child needs complex dental procedures, you have to make certain that the dental office near you provides hospital dentistry. 


Some clinics are affiliated to local hospitals, so they can use the hospital’s facilities and equipment to conduct general anesthesia. Greater Washington Dentistry is one of those. 


Who Needs Hospital Dentistry?


Children who are recommended for hospital dentistry are those with:


  • Behavioral Issues
  • Disabilities
  • Weak Immune Systems
  • Multiple Oral Health Issues
  • Severe Dental Anxiety or Fear


How You Can Prepare for Hospital Dentistry


Going to the hospital for a dental operation can be quite daunting for a child, especially those who have severe dental anxiety or fear. However, with general anesthesia, a pediatric anesthesiologist will give your child medication so that they can sleep during the operation. As a parent, what can you do to prepare your child for their operation the next day and how can you help them cope during the day of the operation? 


Being the reliable dentist office near me in your community, we provide you a couple of pieces of advice that you should keep in mind for your child’s first hospital dental operation:


  1. After midnight before the procedure, your child must not consume any solid food or non-clear liquids, such as milk, juices with pulp, and the likes.
  2. Up to two hours before their appointment, they are allowed to drink clear liquids, like water. 
  3. Should they be taking any medication, make sure to consult with their dentist beforehand so no adverse side effects will occur while they are on anesthesia. 
  4. Have them bring a comfort item with them during the operation. This can be either a favorite toy or a stuffed animal.
  5. While you are there, you can console your child through touch, such as holding their hand or caressing your child’s face to remind them that you are around to help them.
  6. Give them words of reassurance before the procedure to calm them down. 
  7. You can suggest that if they go through with the operation, they will be given a reward for their bravery.


It may be difficult to manage your child before the procedure. However, a pediatric dentist will be able to help you handle the situation as they have dealt with numerous cases of children who have a hard time conquering their fear of dental procedures.


The Dentist Office Near Me That Provides Hospital Dentistry


Greater Washington Dentistry partners with Fair Oaks Hospital in providing hospital dentistry for children who need complex procedures or who have a disability or dental anxiety. Our pediatric dentists have been trained to help children feel at ease during dental procedures, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience. We see to it that through our services, children develop to have healthier and brighter smiles in the future.


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