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Dentistry For Children

Find the Right Clinic That Provides Dentistry for Children with Special Needs


There can be challenges for a parent whose child deals with Autism. As your child undergoes therapy, they can learn skills that contribute to making daily living activities easier. However, when the time comes that they need to go to the dentist to have their first check-up, it may make them uneasy. The environment is all new and unfamiliar to them, so at first, it might make them anxious. 


Hence, you must find a clinic that offers pediatric dentistry for children with an autism spectrum disorder. Why should you find a clinic that specifically has a service catered to those with disabilities? 


That’s because they have the right tools and equipment needed to cater to your child’s special needs. At the same time, the dentist has been trained to manage these children and perform dental procedures safely and effectively.


Before you bring your little one to the clinic, you should visit the dentist first to talk about your child’s needs. That way, the dentist can determine ways on how to prepare for your child’s visit. 


What You Should Discuss with the Dentist


  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Expected Behavior
  • Triggers
  • History of Drugs and Comorbidities

When the dentist has the information needed about your child, they will be able to prepare their office for the incoming visit. 


So what should be expected from the dental clinic who will handle your children’s dental needs? As a service provider of dentistry for children with autism spectrum disorders, we’ve helped numerous families with attending to the needs of their loved ones with disabilities. Therefore, we share to you some of these guidelines, so you’ll know if the clinic that handles your child’s oral health needs is capable of doing so or not:


  1. Your dentist allows you to make an informal visit to the clinic so that your child gets used to the overall environment of the office.
  2. They are introduced to the staff in a non-threatening way so that they can build rapport with your little one.
  3. They accommodate the needs of your little one by adjusting the environment during their visit to make it more comfortable for them, like limiting the loud noises and other triggering stimuli.
  4. They can give your little one short and understandable instructions when they have to do something during the procedure.
  5. They know how to interact with the child in a way that does not trigger their temper tantrums.
  6. They put your child’s comfort first when the operation does commence.


We understand how hard it can be to find a clinic that provides pediatric dentistry for children with special needs and to find a fully capable one. That’s why if you’re in the community of Fairfax, Virginia, don’t hesitate to pay Greater Washington Dentistry a visit. 


Greater Washington Dentistry is a pediatric dental clinic in Fairfax, Virginia that offers pediatric dentistry for children with disabilities. Our clinic is fully equipped to accommodate their special needs and give them a safe and comfortable experience. 


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