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Pediatric Dentist

You surely want your kid to have a beautiful smile. Don’t you? Moreover, a less painful oral journey for your children. Thus, oral health should begin at an early age.


The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) even recommends to bring your kids to their first dental visit at the age of one or six months after their first tooth erupted.

Thereafter, a pediatric dentist can help you attend to your kids’ oral health needs during their infant, toddler, school-age, up to their adolescent years. What makes them more capable to do so is their specific education about child psychology. They are then able to communicate effectively with their little patients.


What particular oral treatments they can perform?


Infant oral health exams

This usually includes risk assessments for caries. A pediatric dentist evaluates the overall growth and development of your kids’ teeth.


He/She checks for any extra-oral tissues and intra-oral soft tissues and extra teeth. Also, if there are forms of plaque, gingivitis, decalcifications or white spot lesions.


An oral health exam is also performed for early detection of possible oral problems such as bad bites and jaw irregularities. Some test methods to accomplish this are X-rays and computer modeling.


Preventive dental care

This usually includes cleaning and fluoride treatments, and nutrition and diet planning to prevent tooth decay; which is a very common oral problem to children.


A pediatric dentist provides advice and counseling on how to properly take care of your kids’ teeth at home. He/She can also can apply sealants or fluoride treatments to protect the teeth from cavities.


Habit counseling 

Oral habits such as thumb, pacifier, lips, or tongue sucking can damage the proper development of your kids’ oral structure. Most results are really unpleasant which could be an irregularly shaped mouth, protruding teeth or the upper and lower jaws are not in sync when biting.


A pediatric dentist can give you professional advice on how to address such problems. He/she can educate you of the traditional methods. Moreover, can create a customized oral appliance to encourage your baby to stop those bad oral habits.


Diagnosis of oral conditions associated with diseases

Yes, a pediatric dentist can diagnose as well if a certain condition is one symptom of diseases such as diabetes, congenital heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, asthma, and attention deficit disorder. Say for example for diabetes, a serious gum disease can be associated with it.


Thereafter, a pediatric dentist can help you manage certain oral conditions to minimize the risks and even worse effects on your health.


Oral treatment

A pediatric dentist performs a wide-ranging oral treatment. He/She can provide pulp (nerve) therapy and oral trauma treatment may be from sports or head injury (i.e. knocked-out tooth, fracture). Space maintainers may be applied to prevent misalignment of the teeth.


Those five oral treatments mentioned above do not limit the help you can get from pediatric dentist fairfax va. They have a very wide and credible knowledge on how to appropriately treat a certain oral problem, if it does not an appliance, and what appliance to use.


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