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Questions To Ask During An Initial Orthodontist Consultation

Do you have crooked teeth, bad bites and jaw problems?

Orthodontics is a result-oriented type of dentistry to enhance the positioning of the teeth. Yet, you still have to find the right place to receive quality care.

But before you end up with a final dental home, you may want to have an initial consultation. No idea what to do during this dental care phase? You can start by asking these questions:

1. What are the best available options for your orthodontic problem?

During an initial consultation, an orthodontist will assess your case and would even perform exams to have a better look of the problem. They may also ask questions about the difficulties you’re experiencing. So, make sure to answer honestly and clearly. They can give better help if you do so.

No other person knows best what dental treatment is appropriate for you than your orthodontist. They will surely give you options to choose from. If they don’t voluntarily make suggestions, you can always ask them.

2. What results can you expect from the available options?

If there are particular treatment options you are considering, ask the orthodontist the expected result for each of them. A clinic equipped with state of the art dental devices can give you a clear demonstration of a possible result.

Knowing the expected results can help you decide what orthodontic treatment to opt for. Don’t waste the chance to ask an orthodontist about this.

3. What types of discomfort to expect during the whole duration of your treatment?

Should you expect any discomfort? In what stage will it probably occur? A sincere orthodontist will orient you beforehand is there’s any and will even give you advice on how to relieve the pain.

4. How long the treatment would take?

Every orthodontic case is different. This doesn’t mean that you’ll also get a 2-year treatment because a friend of yours was only required to undergo orthodontic treatment for 2 years.

You should know that the time range of treatment varies depending on the severity of an orthodontic problem and the type of orthodontic device you’ll be wearing.

With this question, you can also ask how often should you visit the clinic and what would be the purpose of your visit.

5. How much is the total cost of your chosen orthodontic treatment?

This is the most practical question you could ask your orthodontist about. Which is only right for this type of dental care will really cost you quite a good amount of money. Also, you can inquire if they offer monthly payment plans. The pricing is also one factor to compare various practices and help you which practice to use.

Fixing your teeth is more than just for better physical appearance. This can also boost your self-esteem and live a happier life.

Make sure to visit multiple orthodontic clinics before you settle for a final choice.

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