Is your kid has misaligned teeth? This is something you shouldn’t put aside. You may find it minor at first, but if not attended immediately, it could badly affect your kid’s health and self-esteem.


An orthodontist can give you professional advice and action to make sure that your kids’ jaws are aligned and the teeth are straightened properly. Thus, your young ones will then carry beautiful smiles as they grow older.


Most common problems that an orthodontist addresses are open bites, overbites, underbites, crossbites, crowding, and excessive spacing.


So, what specific oral treatments do orthodontists perform?


Jaw and teeth misalignment assessment

The patient will come in for a consultation. An orthodontist evaluates if there is malocclusion or the misalignment between the upper and lower teeth and jaws through x-rays and molds.

As an orthodontist finds out whether kids have a minor or a major oral problem, he/she will clearly explain it then will give an advice how to treat it.


Retainers and headgears application

Retainers and headgears are used to improve the appearance of the teeth by aligning them. Moreover, such methods help kids chew and swallow food comfortably.


Applying, adjusting, and removing braces

Some orthodontists are even professionally knowledgeable and trained to apply, adjust and remove teeth braces.


He/She can give you different options of what materials you would want your braces to be made of. Such as for the arch wires, you can either have stainless steel, titanium, copper, etc. There are also clear braces if you don’t want it to be visible such as plastic or porcelain composite.


You can expect a little pain during the adjustment stage, yet your orthodontist will surely suggest methods on how to reduce the discomfort. The tightening or adjustment involves removing the rubber band and arch wire and will add another if it seems necessary. When it comes to removing the braces, don’t worry because it will be easy and painless.


Dealing with jaw pain, speech impairments, gum disease, digestion and chewing difficulty

An orthodontist helps patients manage jaw pain, speech impediments, gum disease, and chewing difficulty before they cause more serious health problems. These illnesses are often the result of crooked teeth and misaligned jaw because you can’t properly clean your teeth.


Orthodontic treatment

Other specific treatments an orthodontic performs include: Breathing or swallowing problems, Crossbite, Crowding, Deep Overbite, Disfiguring of the face and mouth, jaw and jaw joint pain, missing or extra teeth, protruding upper teeth, self-image, spacing between teeth, speech, chewing or biting problems, underbite, or protruding lower jaw.


Call an orthodontist fairfax va today! You are doing a huge favor for your little ones. But then, it is one of your responsibilities as a parent to ensure their overall health. As you give your kids the most beautiful smile they can have, you are also molding a great self-image for them. Which in fact, they need to have a promising future.


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