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Chasing Down Waterfalls at Cascades,Virginia

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There are beach retreats, camping escapades, and far-flung vacations. Most people may have overlooked one summer hotspot: the waterfall. One of nature’s most magical creations.

If you are like most couples who want the destination of their various trips and outings to changed their lives – then listen here.

With all the tension and drama of urban living. Plus,the competitive world that it revolves with, it’s nice to know that there is a means of getting away from it. Even if it’s for a moment.

That is why you want the road less traveled. Something out of the ordinary. Well, you are definitely in luck.There is this gorgeous waterfall in Cascades, Virginia called Cascade Falls Trailhead

When you talk about waterfalls, Virginia is a paradise. So,let the chase begin in Cascade Falls Trailhead.

Arrived Early

You need however to arrive early to get yourself a good parking spot. The trail starts after you have reached the information center. Immediately it splits into an upper and lower pathway. A guide recommended recommend you to take the lower trail first and make a return home with the upper trail.

Scenic Routes

As you follow the instructions, you will be gifted with the incredible display of Little Stony Creek. It cascades over a cliff then into several streams. Everything in the area is mellow and serene. Perfect for taking pictures which will have a hashtag of Cascades,Virginia. Prepare yourself, Instagram!

Yes, this is one of those must-do hikes here in Cascades, Virginia. You will pass through a thick number of evergreen shrubs. Some of the shrubs in the pathway had clusters of purple flowers. These will lead you to a large pool where the falls pour over a very high cliff.

Normally, a good number of hikers and tourists will gather near the pool. Despite that, this falls in Cascades, Virginia will always have a peaceful and blissful view.These falls are the definitive meaning of nature at its best.

A Sunny Hike Trail

Who wouldn’t love the early morning sun enveloping one’s body as you push forward on a 4-mile hike trail? Although, it’s best to recommend the lower trail to smaller children. It was more rugged and rockier than the upper trail. A pair of sturdy hiking shoes will help you break that sweat.

The Distance Covered

The return trip was a nice walk through the woods on the trail until we reached our car back at 4.0 miles.

Overall, it will take you about two and a half hours for the whole round trip for this amazing falls in Cascades, Virginia. It’s easy and leveled to walk because of the engineered trail. You will love to smell the air and touch the trees as you make the 2-mile trek.

Other Extra Recommendations

After you take a downtime, capped it off with a canoe trip to New River. Then have some great food at The Palisades Restaurant.

Do you know what you will love about your trip to Cascades,Virginia?After you arrived,it’s not one of those quick escapes to reality. You’re both now armed with a new perspective on life. At least, you now have a healthier state of body and mind before you go back to the daily grind.

Forget having a multi-week overseas getaway. Go for a local day trip on a weekend to Cascades, Virginia!

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