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NRA National Firearms Museum


nra national firearms


Another historic place to visit, but this time it’s a little more exciting and intriguing.


The NRA National Firearms Museum is situated in a 15,000 sq. feet area with about 2,500 displays of guns. The place is actually owned by the National Rifle Association.


The museum is located at 11250 Waples Mill Rd, Fairfax and open daily from 9AM to 5PM.


The museum aims to portray the history of Americans and the revolution of firearms/guns. They wanted to show how local skilled artisans innovated from simple firearms, mass ones, and state-of-the-art guns nowadays.


The exhibit also depicts the various usage of guns in the early times specifically in personal defense, military, police force, hunting and competition.


If you are really fond of collecting firearms or eager to know their history, the museum can give you arms conservation information which includes includes caring for your collectible firearms, microcrystalline wax use and tips, condition standards, and cleaning firearms. Other helpful details you can find are:


  1. The worth of your gun

First things first, the value of your firearm relies on its specifics.

  • Is it a long or a handgun? Is it a revolver or with a removable magazine? Is it a shotgun or a rifle? Surely, you know the features of your every collection. Also, there must be markings, so take note of those.
  • You must identify as well the action your gun can make. Whether it has single shot, break-open, double barrel, bolt action, revolver, etc. What is the accurate measurement of the caliber, the barrel and the overall length?
  • Additionally, the condition matters. The staff can help you rate the status of your gun, according to the NRA Conditions Standards and the percentage system (100% to 0%) which rates the remaining original finish of the gun.
  1. It is hard to determine the worth of your firearm because of some unique features

This can happen at times. Most cases involve guns that use “black powder” and “muzzle-loaders”, or simply refers to antique guns. Others are small early gunsmiths, trade name guns, signed guns, tourist guns, small European cartridge revolvers and custom guns.


  1. Tips on buying auction guns

You should be wise when attending live auctions of sporting, recreational and defensive guns.


You can get helpful tips from the NRA, Fairfax staff when planning to purchase auction guns. They can give you information on when to stop bidding, how to bid, read and understand the terms carefully, the importance of inspecting the guns in advance, etc.


  1. How to become a gun collector?

Have you recently found firearms interesting? Why not start a great collection of guns? You might be having second thoughts since you don’t know how and where to start.


You should visit NRA, Fairfax and talk to some experts and fellow collectors. They can definitely give you specific points such as the types of gun to collect, details about the make and model, where to find authentic and reliable gun suppliers.


You will not pay for anything because the entrance fee is free. On regular days, the museum is open daily from 9:30AM to 5PM.


To know more about what is in store for you at the National Firearms Museum (NRA), kindly visit


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