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Van Dyck Park

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Van Dyck Park is one of the most visited parks in Fairfax. This is one place you should not miss out in your list when visiting Old Lee Hwy.


The Van Dyck Park houses a lighted outdoor basketball court, lighted tennis courts, skateboard park, sand volleyball court, frisbee fields which are also wonderful for sledding in the winter, and exercise trail which is all for public use. The park is actually perfect for family outings or vacations because it offers a wide range of activities for all ages.


There are various sports activities that adults can indulge in. A fenced playground is allocated just for the little ones, complete with climbing types, slides, swings, seesaws, etc.

There’s more to see and do in the Van Dyck Park. You need to know this:


  1. Accommodations

If you plan to spend the whole weekend or just for an overnight stay in Fairfax. There are quality and affordable inns, lodges, hotels and motels near the park. Make sure to get your reservation in advance.


  1. Picnic

If your main goal is just to chill and enjoy nature for a short while, the park is perfect for a picnic with your loved ones. You can bring your own picnic blanket. Or you can use the facilities dedicated for such relaxing activity such as a nice covered seating area, picnic tables, gazebo, picnic pavilion.


Is grilling allowed in the park? Definitely, yes! In fact, they have a designated grilling area. So, don’t forget to pack meat and fish, or the ingredients you would need for kebab and barbecue.


  1. Dining

You can bring your own picnic snacks and foods. But if you want to the hassle of bringing a lot of stuff, there are close dining places available.


You can choose from different cuisines such as American, Asian, Caribbean, Greek, Indian, Irish, Latin American and Italian. You can find famous bakeries, coffee shops, ice cream shops, delis and cafes, fast food, seafood, pizza, smoothies and shakes.


  1. Shopping

If you forgot to bring outfits for different activities during your trip to the park, or if you’re just to buy some snacks, there are accessible shopping places near the area.


There are marketplaces, malls, street centers, shopping centers, retailers and shops that offer the things you would need for your trip such as dry goods, groceries, hygiene, etc.


  1. Nature

The collective reason of people who want to have a vacation is to get away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. You don’t have to travel very far just to experience the calming effect of nature. Go for a quick drive to Fairfax and go straight to the Van Dyck Park.


As you go for a walk on the paved trails shaded by big trees, you will have a close encounter with birds and other nature viewing opportunities.


The park caters to birthday parties, team buildings, weddings, and other events. You can rent the pavilion in advance at the Fairfax County.


One great advantage of the park is, it is near the police station department.

Now that you know the highlights of the Van Dyck Park, you have to take note some important points. You can bring a private vehicle because there’s a paved parking lot available. Moreover, alcohol and littering are strictly prohibited.


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