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Are you living in the beautiful city of Fairfax in Virginia? If yes, good for you then. Because apart from the historical richness of the place, it is also a place where commercial services are accessible.


When we talk about reliable and professional dental care services in the local area, you can surely find not only one but multiple offices. If you are specifically looking for pediatric dentistry to start your kid’s preventive oral care, you can search for it in the area.


When you need a dentist generally, but don’t know how and where to start, here are the methods that the American Dental Association (ADA) suggests:


  1. Ask recommendations from family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers. They may have experiences or connections with certain dentists in Fairfax.
  2. Ask recommendations from your family doctor or local pharmacist.
  3. If you’re changing dentists because you’re moving, ask your current one to make a recommendation.
  4. Contact your local or state dental society. The ADA provides a list of local and state dental societies on its website, www.ada.org. Your local and state dental societies also may be listed in the telephone directory under “dentists” or “associations.”

It is an important advice from ADA as well to visit or call multiple dentists so you can choose who’s your best match.


If you already have a list of prospect dentists, you can try to visit each one of them to have a first-hand evaluation of their performances. Which can be your way to go down to a shorter list until you choose one whom you think best suits your personal preferences and dental care needs.


So here are some points of evaluation you should consider:


  1. Observe if the dentists and staff are wearing protective gloves and masks during actual dental treatment.
  2. Is the staff accommodating, friendly and responsive to all your queries?
  3. Is the office clean and organized? Take note of the tidiness from the moment you enter the waiting area, then the area where they perform dental procedures, as well as the equipment.

Is it the day for your dental visit? You have to come fully prepared so things will go smoothly as you wanted it to be. What should you do before going?


  1. Verify your appointment a day before your dental visit. Check again the date, time and address.
  2. Prepare your recent dental records from your previous dentist, it there’s any. Or you can ask them to send it to your new dentist.
  3. Clean up your teeth and mouth. Brush and floss teeth thoroughly.
  4. Arrive early. By doing so, you have enough time to fill out forms, establish a relationship with the staff, and relax.
  5. Prepare a list of questions about your dental problems. Ask and discuss with your dentist about them so you’ll know what and what not to do and what is the best dental care.
  6. Know other details of your appointment. How long will it last? Are you required to read some guidelines?

Go to the best Fairfax dentistry near you and get the best smile and healthy mouth. Don’t just compromise, instead exert effort as well in searching for a good dentist.


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