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What Are Teeth-Friendly Nutritious Treats Your Children Can Eat?

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It’s been a known fact that too much sugar can cause tooth decay, but when you’re a kid, it can’t be helped that munching on those chocolate bars can be quite tempting. Too many starchy foods not only add in the calories, but it also feeds the bacteria in their mouths, which leads to gum disease and bacteria. 


This has been the concern of many parents. Being a Fairfax Dentistry, we’ve discussed with numerous parents what they can do to encourage their children to eat healthily both for their oral health and the other aspects of their physical health. 


We’ll give you the run-down on the teeth-friendly delicious foods you children can consume and enjoy:




These are essentially great for your teeth as they are a good source of protein and calcium. Almonds are also a great source of fiber, which is great for their physical health as well. Eating a good amount of fiber actually reduces hunger, lowering your little one’s calorie intake. 




Let’s face it, your child probably loves cheese. They’re probably the type to eat Cheetos and other cheese-flavored snacks here and there. But what if instead of giving them unhealthy stacks, you can make them a cheese sandwich with some tomatoes, lettuce, and protein. It’s a more nutritious option compared to their usual calorie-filled junk foods. 




As an alternative to chocolate fountains and other unhealthy flavored snacks, why not have them consume yogurt instead? Yogurt is high in calcium and protein, which helps in strengthening their teeth, and even their bones! The probiotics found in yogurt can also contribute to healthy gums as it crowds out the bacteria that results in cavities. 


Fresh Orange Juice


And we’re not talking about the pre-made, artificial ones. We mean freshly squeezed orange juice. According to Orthodontics Australia, vitamin C in this Citrus food can actually strengthen the blood vessels and connective tissue, slowing down the progression of gum disease and ultimately reducing inflammation. 


Dark Chocolate


Instead of going for the milk chocolate, why not have them give dark chocolate a try? Dark chocolate with 70% cacao has a compound called CBH, which helps harden tooth enamel. This, in turn, makes your teeth less susceptible to tooth decay. Of course, this has to be consumed in moderation. 




According to UIC Dentistry, cranberries are rich in polyphenols, and when consumed, give antioxidant benefits to the body. Keep in mind, eating fresh cranberries disrupts the formation of plaque effectively; however, packaged, dried cranberries contain a lot of sugar, which can contribute to bacteria and plaque build-up.


Are you looking for other healthy alternatives you can prepare for your child during snack time? You can seek help from a Fairfax Dentistry Clinic to provide you with food and diet counseling so that your children have healthier teeth and bodies as they continuously grow and develop.


Greater Washington Dentistry is a Fairfax Dentistry Clinic that provides food and diet counseling to parents to make certain they prepare nutritious, yet delicious, meals for their little ones without compromising their overall health. 


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