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Frequently Asked Questions: Caring for Your Infant or Toddler’s Dental Health

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First-time parents may have their infant’s dental health at the back of their mind as they may haven’t grown their baby teeth yet. However, in three months, their teeth are going to gradually erupt, and parents need to make sure that their children have no issues when their full milk teeth are complete. 


So, as a dentist in Fairfax, VA, we’ve compiled some of the frequently asked questions new parents have asked us about making certain their children don’t have dental issues in the future. Here are some:


What Healthy Oral Habits Should My Infant Have When They Don’t Have Teeth Yet?


Your infant’s gums need to be clean as well. When your infant starts teething between four to six months of age, you have to make sure that they have healthy gums. Our advice would be to wrap a clean moisten washcloth around your index finger and then, gently massage their gum tissues. 


Also, we advise that you don’t use your mouth to test if the temperature of the bottle is just right. Know that at this age, your baby is still vulnerable to bacteria. Hence, they could be at risk of dental decay if you do so. 


When Should I Start Visiting a Dentist?


According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, you should consult a pediatric dentist for an exam as soon as the first tooth erupts and no later than your child’s first birthday. This is so that the pediatric dentist in Fairfax, VA can closely access your baby’s dental progress and what are healthy ways to ensure that their teeth come out without any issues. 


When My Baby’s First Teeth Come Out, What Should I Do?


You should brush their teeth after each feeding and at bedtime with a small, bristled toothbrush. The toothpaste used should fluoride in a pea-sized amount. 


Also, begin to wean your baby from using bottle formulas. Let them eat more solid foods, and have them drink from a cup. 


What Should I Do to Alleviate My Child’s Symptoms of Teething?


Teething can be a very delicate moment for your child as they get extra cranky and want to suck on objects like toys and bibs. When they try to touch their incoming tooth very often without washing them first, it could welcome bacteria in their mouth, which would lead to dental decay. 

With that, here’s our advice with helping your baby cope with teething:


  • Prepare mushier foods for them so that it will lead to less chewing
  • Give your baby something clean to bite or suck on

Know that teething gels are not recommended as it may cause harmful side effects. If you want to know more about helping your baby with their teething, consult a dentist in Fairfax, VA.


What Should I Look for in a Pediatric Dentist in Fairfax, VA for my little one?


You need to find one that is reputable in the area and has been helping numerous parents make sure that their baby’s milk teeth come out without any issues. 


Greater Washington Dentistry is a pediatric dental clinic in Fairfax, VA that has helped many first-time parents make certain that their children have healthy teeth in the long term. You can check in with our dentist in Fairfax, VA who will give you a comprehensive discussion on infant and toddler dental care. 


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