How to Decide on the Right Fairfax Pediatrics’ Office for Your Child

Deciding on the right Fairfax pediatrics’ office is important, especially if you’re a first-time parent. It’s vital because during your baby’s first year alone, you will be visiting the doctor at least six times for well-baby checkups. This does not include unintentional visits for those slight fevers or persistent coughs.

Yes, this can be a very daunting task but looking for the right doctor to care for your child is a decision that one has to make before giving birth. It’s smart to scope out the Fairfax pediatrics scene around the seventh month of pregnancy. Doing so will give you a couple of months to know the doctor and build up a continuing relationship moving forward.

Here are some tips to put you on the proper track on how to pick the best doctor for your new little angel:

Ask around and produce a checklist

If you’re new to the area, ask around for a referral on top-level Fairfax pediatrics practices. You can also ask your former doctor for a recommendation. But a notebook and jot them down. You should also include the areas of parenthood that you are most concerned about.

Take note! You will want to find a pediatrician who understands and agrees with your parenting style. Then, use the internet. Take time to research your list of choices for their credentials and experiences. If a pediatrician only has one or two trust ratings, then be cautious. Remember, that in making a checklist, you should always check your list twice.

Find a Fairfax pediatrics’ office near you

Next, if possible, choose a clinic that is within close proximity to your home.Traffic congestion can sometimes be an issue in Northern Virginia. You don’t want to add a considerable amount of time to your journey with a sick child on board.

Put in mind also that during the first year of your child, there will be a lot of visits for immunizations and weight checks. It’s important that the location you have chosen will encourage you in making frequent visits rather than discouraged a much-needed timely care.

Schedule a visit

By this time, you’ve narrowed down your choices. It’s the appropriate time to see the doctors on your list in action. You can evaluate his or her communication style. Does he or she clearly explain to you the answers to your questions? Go for someone who shows genuine interest in your child’s needs.

Don’t forget to ask about after office hours in which your child may need medical care. You can also ask what happens if he or she goes out of town for a vacation. Will there be an available doctor to take care of your child if an emergency arises?

This also gives you a chance to evaluate how this Fairfax pediatrics’ office works. Does the office have separate waiting areas for sick visits and well visits? Is there a playpen to keep your child occupied while he or she waits? Chat up with other parents and ask them about what they like and dislike about this particular pediatrician.

Use this guide so you can decide on the best pediatrician for your family. Weigh these aspects wisely because in the end, this is a very important decision for you and your family.

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