Choose a Pediatric Dentist over a Family Dentist for Your Child in Mclean Virginia

Parents want the best for their children, especially when it comes to decisions that involve their health. One important decision that a parent has to make is the choice of a dentist. Should you search for a general family dentist or would your children benefit from pediatric care?

Remember, you can’t go wrong either way, but it’s good to know all the facts about a pediatric dentist before you make a decision. Outlined below are a few reasons why choosing a pediatric dentist is the absolute best choice to be your child’s first dental care of choice.

A pediatric dentist who is trained to care for children.

There are nine dental specialties and pediatric dentistry is one of them. Before beginning a dental care practice, a pediatric dentist will have to undergo an additional 2 to 3 years of special training. These two years are spent learning how to work with children and how to identify their unique dental health needs and concerns.

Training in pediatric dentistry also covers child psychology, growth and development, and caring for special needs patients. A pediatric dentist is prepared to help anxious or frightened children feel at ease, and to provide a positive experience for them. You can rest easy knowing that your pediatric dentist had extensive training which has equipped him or her to care for your child.

Speaking of special needs, most children with special needs have dental problems associated with their conditions. Most children with learning disabilities have gum disease and pediatric dentists are the only ones trained to provide care for them.

A pediatric dentist has an atmosphere made for children

Do you want your dental visits to have an inviting atmosphere? A pediatric dentist’s office is crafted for children. It has a calm and safe setting with well-decorated walls that are bright colored in themes. Playrooms and toy chests are common and each staff member creates an environment your child will love.The dental office also features smaller chairs and medical equipment sized to fit little mouths. These can make a big difference to a child when it comes to their comfort.

Besides having a deeper understanding of children’s dentistry, a pediatric dentist understands how to work with children. They understand how to take all those fighting and screaming. They take it with stride and try to make the child calm down. Something which you may not find in every family dental practice.

A pediatric dentists creates stress-free environment from toddler to teen.

As a parent introducing a pediatric dentist to your child can be a difficult task. The first visit is a great way for you to speak with your dentist about their practice, and it gives you a chance to gauge how your child responds to the new surroundings. Bear this in mind, the sooner your child will begin getting regular dental checkups, the healthier their mouths will stay throughout their lives. Early checkups help prevent cavities and dental disease, which can lead to pain and other medical issues.

Importantly, a pediatric dentist will be there during the time of his or her first tooth to adolescence. This creates a unique bond of trust in developing a healthy smile until your he or she will move forward to a general practitioner.

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