How to Choose a Pediatric Dentist in Falls Church VA

When your child is born, the last thing you usually think about is their teeth. You know most babies don’t begin to get their teeth through until they’re around 4 months old. And there are plenty of other things to think about

But in most cases, dental diseases and problems don’t occur suddenly. They’re due to processes that occur over a long period. That hole in your tooth you’ve only just noticed? It’s been in the making for a long time.

Your child’s dental problems could begin long before their teeth appear. That’s why it’s so important for your child to see a pediatric dentist at an early stage.

Start with a consultation

What better way of how to choose a pediatric dentist in Falls Church,Virginia then trying one out? Most dentists will be happy to schedule a consultation with you and your child. No dental work will happen at this consultation; instead, it’s an opportunity to meet and evaluate the new dentist. You can see how your child and the dentist interact.

A good pediatric dentist will take an interest in your child’s oral health, and they should be willing to educate you and your child on best oral care practices. Take note of their demeanor — you should look for a pediatric dentist who is friendly and patient. Listen to your gut feeling about the dentist. A good relationship between your child and their dentist is an important step towards establishing good oral health habits for your child.

Look for a pediatric dental clinic with a welcoming environment

A pediatric dentist and his or her staff are experts at getting your child excited about going to the dentist and making nervous patients comfortable with dental treatment. They provide an atmosphere that is geared towards kids from the waiting room to the exam chair.

Sometimes anticipation can be the hardest part for a nervous child, so the waiting room has child appropriate activities and literature. Exam rooms may have televisions or music to distract the child during the exam or cleaning procedures.

Kids come in all different shapes and sizes. The pediatric dentist will have special instruments and equipment suited for smaller mouths. This ensures a comfortable experience for your child.

A long-term relationship before the transition to adult dental care

Creating a healthy bond between patient and dentist can help foster a more positive experience and can help prevent your child from developing any fear or anxiety. The best pediatric dentist is invested in making your child a long-term patient. This means their office will do a follow-up when it’s time for an appointment, scheduling regular screenings or X-rays and making you and your family feel recognized when you’re in the office.

Remember, some dental procedures can be long and arduous, leaving you feeling out of sorts for a few hours afterward. A great pediatric dentist will follow up with you after a particularly long or difficult procedure because he or sure wants to make sure you’re feeling fine and that there are no complications hindering your recovery.

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