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Tips from the Kids Dentist Near Me: How You Can Train Your Little One to Stop Thumb Sucking

What a Kids Dentist Recommends so that Your Child Stops Thumbsucking

As infants, it’s natural for your children to develop a habit of thumbsucking. Thumbsucking soothes them and helps them fall asleep faster.

Research has said that passive thumbsucking does not cause any long-term oral health effects on your little one. However, active thumbsucking can cause damage to your child’s milk teeth, but it can correct itself once the permanent teeth come in. When their thumbsucking is persistent, sometimes, it can cause misalignment of their permanent teeth and affect their jaw. Also, it can expose them to dirt, viruses, and bacteria that have stayed on their hands.

Are There Any Long-Term Adverse Effects of Thumbsucking?

When your little one is persistent in their thumbsucking, it can cause serious effects to their teeth and mouth once they grow older. These issues include:

-They will develop bite issues, like an overbite or an open bite
-There will be changes in the shape of the jaw
-The roof of the mouth becomes sensitive

If you’ve seen issues in their bite due to thumb sucking, you can see a pediatric dentist around your area for advice. Looking for a reliable dentist to assist you has now become easier once you type in “Kids Dentist Near Me” on your Google search.

But as a parent, how can you train your little one to stop sucking their thumb?

As a reputable pediatric dental clinic in Fairfax, Virginia, here’s our advice on how you can gradually wean this habit:

Take Note of Your Child’s Thumbsucking

Oftentimes, children suck their thumb just because they are tired, anxious, or bored. If it seems like they are sucking their thump to cope with a stressful situation, try to figure out the root cause and address it. Should they be sucking their thumb because they are bored, let them engage in activities that involve their hands to keep them busy and off thumbsucking.

Uphold Positive Reinforcement

Encourage your little one gently by praising them when they’ve gone a day or two without thumbsucking. That way, they can let go of the habit due to the positive experience.

Use Gentle Reminders to Keep Them on Track

Don’t be too harsh on them when trying to prevent them from thumbsucking. If your child does it out of habit, talk to them about it gently. Since it’s a habit, it may be too hard for them to stop, so be understanding of their situation but still encourage them to avoid doing it.

Let Them Use an Orthodontic Device

Your pediatric dentist may offer an appliance that helps your children with their thumbsucking problem. Visit them for a consultation, and your children will be given a habit appliance that is customized to fit their needs.

Are you looking for a reputable kids dentist near you? Greater Washington Dentistry gives you advice on how to effectively eliminate your child’s habit of thumbsucking when you give our dental clinic in Fairfax, Virginia a visit. Schedule an appointment today to get started.

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