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How You Can Get Your Little One to Get Pediatric Dental Care in Fairfax, Virginia

pediatric dental care in fairfax, virginia

During their first time going to the dentist, your child might feel a bit anxious. As a provider of pediatric dental care in Fairfax, we’ve seen many children come into our office crying and fussing about not wanting to have their teeth checked, extracted, and the like. However, getting preventive treatment and proper tooth extractions from a dentist is highly important, especially when your child is in their formative years.

That’s why you must find a dentist who specializes in pediatric dental care since they are trained and knowledgeable in handling cases that focus on children’s dental health. Also, they’re experienced in managing the behaviors of children and effectively communicate with them to get the operation done safely and efficiently.

But as a parent, how can you get your children to visit the dentist when they’re hesitant and scared to go?

Being a provider of pediatric dental care in Fairfax, Virginia, we provide you some useful tips on how you can prepare your child and calm their fears for their trip to the dentist:

1. When trying to console your child about going to the dentist, don’t use the words shot, hurt, and pain

These words can worsen the fears and anxiety your child has with going to the dentist. Have them expect a more positive experience so that they’ll look forward to it than avoid it at all costs. You can encourage them by saying that the dentist will help them with their tooth pain or clean their teeth so that it will be strong and healthy.

2. Schedule a preventive care consultation first so that they won’t be too scared if ever they need extractions or other dental procedures

When your child is more accustomed to the dental clinic, then they won’t have to imagine any worst-case scenarios. They’ll be more acquainted with the dentist and the office staff. An office that’s focused mainly on pediatric dental care in Fairfax will have a warm and welcoming environment for your children to stay as they receive dental consultations or treatment. Therefore, should you be going through the listings for a pediatric dentist in Fairfax, Virginia, you should consider if they have a kid-friendly environment.

3. When they ask questions, give straight forward responses, but limit the number of details given

It’s never good to lie to your children about anything, especially oral care treatment. If they need to do a certain procedure, just tell them in such a way that it does not scare them. Lying will only result in them no longer trusting you about going to the dentist or getting any dental treatment.

4. You can ask the pediatric dentist for advice

Professionals have dealt with numerous children who are weary about dental appointments and who project their fears and anxieties in tantrums during their first visits. That’s why if you need advice that comes with experience, ask your local pediatric dentist so that they can give you a few pointers on how to ease your child’s worries.

If you’re looking for a reputable provider of pediatric dental care in Fairfax, Virginia, you can visit Greater Washington Dentistry.

Greater Washington Dentistry has served the community of Fairfax, Virginia by providing friendly and quality dental care services to children. To learn more, feel free to get in touch or visit the office.

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