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Some Peculiar Places You Must Visit In Arlington, Virginia

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If you are someone who finds enjoyment in being completely confused and surprised, then your next to-see bucket-list should be the county of Arlington, Virginia.

There is this weirdness that comes on different guises as your driving in Arlington, Virginia. It can be a unique attractions. It can be natural. It can be man-made. Either way, they are still a very, very good thing to discover.

Here are some particular places in Arlington, Virginia to keep in mind for your next road trip.

Rosslyn Metro Escalator

Did you that Arlington, Virginia is home to one of the world’s longest escalators?

Rosslyn Metro Escalator is 207 feet and leads conveniently to various attractions and businesses in the county. Normally, it will take you almost three minutes to complete the nausea-causing circulating belt of steps.

If you are afraid to take the long ride, there is an alternative route. Take the street elevators located on the other side of the station.

hires HotDogStand1

Pentagon Hot Dog Stand

Did you know that there is a hot dog stand rumored to be the target of a missile strike during the Cold War?

Yes, food stands in Arlington, Virginia. Not a defense bunker. They called it “Cafe Ground Zero,” and the Soviets had one of their nuclear missiles pointed at its location.

Legend or not, it comes to no surprise since the small one-story structure sits in the center of the Pentagon’s lawn.


Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Museum

One-sided or not. This museum is a must-see place in Arlington, Virginia.

Despite the small size. The information housed here is priceless. The atmosphere with a 1-to-1 ratio of armed guards to visitors is a unique setting for the public to discover the role and impact of law enforcement on the changing trends of drug use in our history.

A highlight of the museum is gun decorated with diamonds. Its previous honor was an international drug smuggler.

Lastly, get yourself some ironic purchases. There’s a stock-pile of DEA-themed polo shirts and windbreakers available at the gift shop.

abingdon plantation house foundation

Abingdon Plantation Ruins

If you are flying to Arlington, Virginia – try a little history walk to the Abingdon Plantation Ruins.

This historical plantation site is near Reagan National Airport. Abingdon sat abandoned for more than a decade until construction of the National Airport began on the north wing of the site. This is a quiet place to appreciate the past even if it is just for such a short time.

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Dark Star Park

There is a public ground in Arlington, Virginia which abstains from the normal conventions of what a park should be.

It’s called Dark Star Park and it showcases pieces of fallen and extinguished stars. Even the name conceals its true intentions as it was built to commemorate the day William Ross acquired the land that would become Rosslyn.

This is just some of Arlington, Virginia’s weird yet wonderful side. Continue going to the off-beaten path and you’ll surely be amazed at the discoveries you never thought would have existed.

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