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Civil War Interpretive Center at Historic Blenheim

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Historic Blenheim, 3610 Old Lee Highway, Fairfax City, Virginia


Ever heard of Blenheim? If not, you should really visit and get to know more about the place because it is just worth it.


Where is Blenheim located? You can find it at 3610 Old Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA 22030, just a short walk from the town.


Blenheim is a historic home which is composed of two buildings built on the same area. It served as a shelter for soldier boys during the civil war. In fact, the well-preserved wall graffiti which shows some of the signatures, is one the great attractions.


The property was privately-owned before it was purchased by the City in the late 1990s. It was restored and then a visitor center was built–which is now The Civil War Interpretive Center.


How about the parking? The site has a designated parking space for visitors and very easy walking trails–which is very convenient as well for people with physical impairments. As you go inside the structure, you can find numerous placards stating the estate’s history and the evolution over the centuries.


You can avail a group tour package to look and learn closely about the history of Blenheim and its significance both in the past and today. You can even request to add the surrounding areas on the tour such as the nearby graveyard.


Space Rental For Special Events

Are you planning to have a classic or vintage theme for your wedding? Or you just want something uncommon and interesting for the venue? Blenheim is what you’re looking for! Make your special event such as wedding, birthday, family reunion, company anniversary party–even more memorable.


Check online for the rental rates. There’s an indoor package inclusive of the multipurpose room and atrium/lobby; an outdoor package inclusive of the lawn area, pergola and porch/deck; and the kitchenette.


The Civil War Interpretive Center

The Civil War Interpretive Center at Blenheim is the addition to give a modern vibe to the historic site. It is still part of the 12-acre estate of historic Fairfax. It was opened in 2008. You might want to check out the attraction since it is widely-recognized and earned awards for the past years.


With the modern amenities that the center offers, you can still book the space for any concept or theme you have in mind.


The structure houses a grand Atrium Lobby with glass roof, an Assembly Room with native pine flooring and glass walls which occupies the 900 sq. ft. area. It actually gives a stunning view of the Civil War house and grounds.


You can also rent the Pergola Terrace and covered Veranda Porch to achieve that outdoor café seating. The adjacent grounds are perfect as well for enormous events and celebrations.


The center’s other amenities include a glass-walled vistas, caterer’s corner, 60-inche plasma monitor, multiple outdoor seating and tent locations, motor coach accessible, and gallery tours.


You can rent the space for a certain time and day, so make sure to check online!


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