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Burke Lake Park

burke lake park

Fairfax is quite known for its rich and numerous parks. You may want to explore all of them when you get a chance to visit, yet it will take you a lot of time. So why not put on your priority list the park that offers you a lot of stunning views and fun activities?


In this case, make sure to include Burke Lake Park. You can locate the famed attraction in Fairfax Station, Fairfax County, Virginia. It occupies 888 acres that surely houses wide campgrounds and equipment for some sports and entertainment perfect for family, friends or corporate outings.


There’s really much to do and see at Burke Lake Park, including:


  1. Camps and Classes

Burke Lake Park has camps designed for children ages 3 to 14 to improve their mental, physical and social skills. There are classes involving sports, fishing, play, magic, mind-adventure games, and more. Look for the park authority to get clear answers to your queries!


  1. Field Trips

Burke Lake Park is also the best venue for a field trip both for children and adults. The three lakefront parks are very ideal for an effective outdoor learning.


You can negotiate and compromise on what time and day you would like the field trip to take place. There are 60-minute programs, 90-minute programs and 120-minute programs where teachers and aides are not charged.


  1. Burke Lake Park Marina

The Burke Lake Park Marina is a humble 218-acre lake where visitors can go fishing at on the 5.25 miles fishing shoreline, four fishing bulkheads, a new fishing pier, and a boat dock. There’s also a trail surrounding the lake which is perfect for a refreshing run.


  1. Burke Lake Disc Golf

Are you fond of playing golf? Or you just want to see something interesting? You should really check out one of the oldest golf course in Virginia which is located at Burke Lake Park. It was built in 1979 and extends through rolling hills until to a forested area. You can rent discs from the information center.


  1. Burke Lake Fields

Now for the most awaited outdoor activities! Don’t worry because the park has multiple fields which can be used for games, sports, picnic, sightseeing, walking your pets, etc. It is also a good spot to catch a glimpse of the train passing by. Just remember that grilling is prohibited in the fields and should be done in the Picnic Loop.


  1. Burke Lake Playgrounds

Bring your kids when visiting Burke Lake Park because they will surely enjoy the colorful playgrounds. It has slides, swings and other equipment for kids to enjoy. And the great thing is, all the playgrounds are close to a restroom.


  1. Burke Lake Park Fishing

Sit back, relax and wait for a catch! Try your luck to catch a fish from various kinds, such as muskie, catfish, black crappie, yellow and white perch, sunfish, bluegill, etc.


You can also rent a boat for the day to go fishing while taking in the glorious beauty of the lake. There’s a bait house at the marina where you can buy the things you need for fishing.


  1. Burke Lake Volleyball

Bring out the sports spirit in you! You can reserve in advance one of the four volleyball courts or just wait in line since they also permit in a first come, first serve basis.


Learn more about Burke Lake Park online and plan your vacation today!


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