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Endodontist: Dentistry Specialty and What You Should Know

Like other medical professions, dentistry also has its own specializations, like oral medicine, pediatric dentistry, and endodontics. For endodontics, it focuses more on diagnosing and treating tooth pain, as well as performing root canal treatment. Most dentists are endodontist and have completed an additional two years of training beyond dental school.

The term “endodontic” comes from the Greek word “endo” which means inside and “odont” which means tooth.

What Kind of Cases or Procedures Do Endodontists Handle?

Endodontists perform root canal treatments, do various endodontic surgeries and treat traumatic dental injuries should they arise. Other endodontists also place implants in patients. Their overall goal is to save natural teeth as much as possible. They will look into all forms of treatment options that will best each case that they handle.

Should I Look for an Endodontist That’s a Member of the AAE?

It’s more preferable if you look for an endodontist that’s a part of the American Association of Endodontists as it is a prestigious membership organization specifically for endodontists and endodontic residents.

When Should I See an Endodontist?

Although general dentists can perform root canals, mostly, patients are referred to an orthodontist by their family dentist. Usually, this happens when you are experiencing tooth pain wherein you’re not sure about the source or when the complication may potentially make your treatment a lot more difficult. Also, they might refer you to an endodontist so that they can attach a crown or another type of restoration on one of your teeth.

Should you have a knocked-out tooth or serious dental industry, you should also seek help from an endodontist. They are experts in providing treatment for specific problems deep inside the teeth.

When I’ve Finished My Treatment, Do I Need to Go in for Additional Visits?

This will depend on your case. Should you be one that has suffered from traumatic injuries, then you should be examined periodically, usually every 6 to 12 months. This will allow the endodontist and the patient to make sure your tooth has been healed or has been healing properly.

Will the Treatments Be Painful?

You can guarantee that nowadays endodontists use cutting-edge technologies that will make your treatment more comfortable and effective. They will use a small sheet of plastic or rubber, known as a dental dam, to isolate the tooth during treatment. This will protect your tooth from the rest of your mouth. Endodontists will also use digital radiography and 3D imaging that will allow them to take any detailed pictures of the tiny tooth’s anatomy so that they can see the root canals better and any other infections on the tooth. Furthermore, they will use dental operating microscopes so that they can clearly see the inside of the root canals so that they thoroughly treat them.

Are You Looking for a Reliable Endodontist for Your Children?

If you’re in the area of Fairfax, Virginia, you can pay Greater Washington Dentistry a visit. Greater Washington Dentistry had a capable endodontist that can cater to the needs of your children. They can handle tooth pain or dental injuries your children may experience, giving them comfortable and quality treatment.

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