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Pediatric Dentist: Prepare Your Child For A First Visit

Have you found the ideal pediatric dentist for your child’s lifelong dental care?

Given that children have this common perception that a trip to the dentist is a horrific journey, a dental clinic should have a unique experience to turn such bad impression into a good one. This would mean that a professional and the whole clinic know how to make your child feel comfortable.

The first visit does not mean that your child will directly undergo a check-up and procedure. You can make the first visit as a way to let your child familiarize the clinic and the people. This way, they’ll fill a little at ease with the set up. Also, it is most recommended to get a morning appointment.

Once you finally found the right place, make sure to do some tricks on how to prepare your child during the first visit, such as:

1. You can talk to them about the visit but…

Tell them you’ll be going to the dentist. Yet, assure them that it they will not sit on the chair and undergo any dental procedure. You can just tell them that they will meet and talk to new friends who’ll help them become strong and beautiful. Also, you can inform them that the dentist may look at their teeth, but it won’t hurt at all.

2. Make sure your child had a good sleep and rest.

To wake up in a good mood would be the best way to start a great day ahead. Since it’s their first visit to the pediatric dentist, it may also take energy to gather their courage. Therefore, put them to bed very early the night before the appointment.

3. Prepare their favorite morning meal.

This would be a good way to set them in a great mood. Just make sure that their meal involves their needed nutrients to gain energy. You can include fruits, vegetables, milk, etc.

4. Make sure they brush their teeth.

Remind your child to brush their teeth. This wouldn’t be a problem if they already practiced it to brush their teeth after every meal.

Just a reminder, though. They should brush their teeth at least twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush, and that they rinse their mouth properly to remove remaining food particles.

5. Pack their needed stuff.

Make sure to pack extra clothes in case they get dirty, snacks, toys and diapers (if your child still needs one). You can also bring their favorite stuffed toy or anything that may help ease their fear.

There are still more ways on how to prepare your child for a smooth dental visit. As parents, you know more tricks to achieve it.

Yet, there’s one more thing that you should be doing during their first trip to the dentist–stay by their side during the whole appointment. Doing this will make them feel secure and safe; they’ll even get braver.

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