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Jefferson District Park: It’s Time For Real Fun!


Virginia has an endless surprises of fun, entertainment and history. This time, let’s go for fun.

Jefferson District Park is specifically located in Falls Church, Virginia. Families, friends and lovers can always look forward to the exciting activities it offers. It’s a great place to gather people from all ages. While adults can relax or play sports, the children can play all they want.

Now, it’s time for real fun and find out more about the fun:

1. Jefferson Falls Mini Golf

Even though the name only says “golf,” you can surely find a nine-hole golf course where you can definitely have a quick golf play with the whole gang. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro golfer or not, the only requirement is the desire to have a good time. Yet, there are other facilities such as basketball courts, tennis courts and picnic areas.

It also features a pavilion equipped with tables which you can rent for group and private events.

There are staff around and you can always ask them questions regarding the use of the facilities around the mini golf and about the usage of the golf course.

2. Sports

The Jefferson District Park has outdoor lighted basketball courts and lighted tennis courts which are available for public use. Make sure to come early and be the first one to use the facilities.

You can always look up online or call the authorized persons directly for the park’s rules and regulations.

3. Picnic facility and playground

Pack all the snacks and tools you’ll need for your picnic activity. The park offers a covered picnic area with tables. Just make sure to make a reservation in advance. There’s a playground with slides and swings big enough for your little ones to enjoy. Surely, you can get the relaxation you need because the park is all-green with some parts covered with trees.

4. Dining

There’s no need to go far if you want to grab something to eat while in Jefferson District Park. You can find lots of diverse restaurants near the park such as Mexican, fast food, seafood, grill, steakhouse, fine dining, pastry shops, etc. The park has a parking lot. Therefore, you can conveniently bring your car and explore more of Falls Church.

Plan your travel to Falls Church now and experience the happiness that Jefferson District Park can offer. Besides, there’s no better judgment than being there yourself.

The park can be a great segment of your Falls Church itinerary. It will not even take a lot of your time to tour around it. Make sure not to miss it, so that after your visit, you can really say that you got the most out of your getaway.

Planning your next vacation with the whole family? Come to Falls Church, Virginia and you can drive to other communities for more eye candy views of nature.

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