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Best Tips For Your Child’s First Visit To the Pediatric Dentist

Everyone knows this.

Kids are scared of the dentist. To be more specific about it, kids are scared of visiting a pediatric dentist!

Most children find it quite alarming to be sitting in an unfamiliar chair surrounded with a lot of metal objects. That is why some parents are unsure when is the right time to see someone who specializes in dental care for their child.

Parents have asked if they should wait until all of the teeth have come in? Or should they wait until there is a real problem occurring before visiting a pediatric dentist? According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), the first visit should be by the age of one to two which is when the primary teeth begin to erupt in the mouth.

But what if your child is not enthusiastic about going to the dentist? Here are some tips for you to try to help manage your child’s fear towards a pediatric dentist:

Start them young

Start your child’s visit to a pediatric dentist as soon as their first tooth shows. This will make him or her more comfortable for future visits. You can explain to them even if they just celebrated their second birthday. Never think too little of what your calming voice can do to boost a child’s confidence. Remember, a pediatric dentist will use a special type of toothbrush to examine your child and this usually leads to a good “tickling” to their teeth.

Play-pretend a check-up at home

Every child wants to play make-believe. How about having a “pretend check-up” right at your very own home? Begin by having him or her play the role of a pediatric dentist with one of their favorite stuffed toys. Be prepared with a toothbrush, a small chair, and a mirror. This can bring a positive experience to a child before the real visit.

Find a clinic that is child-friendly

The dental office of a pediatric dentist is a far cry from any other kind of dentist. You want your child to have a good first impression the first moment he/she walks into a clinic and eventually have a bright and happy experience.

Find a pediatric dentist who practices his/her craft in an office that looks more like a playground and an amusement park. Expect images of zoo animals and sea creatures painted on the walls of the reception area and a playpen that is filled to the rafters with toys and video games. This makes a child remain patient until they will have their turn sitting on the pediatric dentist’s chair.

Importantly, the staff and the pediatric dentist should be friendly, positive and possess the kind of personality that doesn’t scare your child.

Lastly, don’t worry if nothing happens during the first visit to the pediatric dentist.

This is all about introducing your child to the dentist and the dentist’s chair. It’s normal to get nervous about how your child will react, especially if they don’t want to open their mouth wide.

Relax. They are still young. This is just the beginning and all you have to do is to ensure that they will have fun on the first visit and the following visits.

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