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Five Facts About the Often-Forgotten George Mason Statue


The George Mason Statue was established to honor Founding Father George Mason for writing the Virginia Declaration of Rights. However, Mason has often been absent when talks about the founding fathers are celebrated.

The George Mason Statue features a larger than the life-sized bronze statue of Mason sitting in a landscaped grove of trees and flower beds set among concentric circles around a pool and fountain. It depicts Mason presenting his first draft of the Virginia Declaration of Rights.

Despite being one of the lesser known monuments in Washington, DC., the pond, lattice, circular hedgerows, and various inscriptions make the memorial a beautiful setting.

The George Mason Statue is located near the National Mall at 900 Ohio Drive, in East Potomac Park, SW, Washington, DC near the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and the FDR Memorial in Washington, DC

Here are a few interesting things you may not have known about the George Mason Statue.

George Mason Statue was integrated into an already existing garden.

The site for the George Mason Statue was originally an existing garden. It was even named “the Pansy Garden” when it was redesigned in 1929.

During its construction, the National Park Service made it a point to research and restore the original layout of the garden. They even included Mason’s favorite plants.

The way overdue groundbreaking

The George Mason Statue memorial was approved in 1990. But the groundbreaking took place some 20 years after in the year 2000. It then was incorporated into an existing formal garden. The statue was sculpted by Wendy M. Ross and the landscape architect was Faye B. Harwell.

George Mason Statue is only one of the three parks where weddings are allowed

There are only three parks under the jurisdiction of the National Mall where weddings are permitted. George Mason Statue is one of them. The other two are nearby Jefferson Memorial and the District of Columbia War Memorial.

The architectural structure has inscriptions of Mason’s understanding during that conflicting time George Mason Statue provides an insight into how he influenced Thomas Jefferson’s own writings. He may not have been a big-time player in history but there wouldn’t have been a Bill of Rights. You can find some of the inscriptions underneath the trellis.

There is another well-known memorial near the George Mason Statue.

Towering nearby the George Mason Statue is the Greco-Roman structure of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. If you are from Washington, D.C. area, then this is probably one of your favorite historical markers in the Nation’s capital.

The George Mason Memorial maybe one of the lesser known memorials in Washington, DC. For those interested in located near the intersection of Ohio Drive and East Basin Drive, SW. It is open 24 hours a day.

Make certain that you include the George Mason Statue in your list of places to set foot in whenever you are in Fairfax, Virginia.

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